Ensuring data from netlink is within the bounds

While implementing the expression modules, a known bug raised and I was asked to fix it in the current modules I’m implementing and others modules like nft_exthdr.


The problem comes due to the netlink attributes are sent in U32 format, and sometimes, the private data in the kernel an U8 value will be enough. But it’s usual to assign directly the netlink value to the private attribute without checking if it’s bigger than U8.

For this reason, a piece of code like:

priv->offset = ntohl(nla_get_be32(tb[NFTA_EXTHDR_OFFSET]));
priv->len    = ntohl(nla_get_be32(tb[NFTA_EXTHDR_LEN]));


struct nft_exthdr {
    u8                      type;
    u8                      offset;
    u8                      len;
    enum nft_registers      dreg:8;

Produces an overflow. So we’ve to ensure the value loaded with something like:

u32 offset, len;

offset = ntohl(nla_get_be32(tb[NFTA_EXTHDR_OFFSET]));
len    = ntohl(nla_get_be32(tb[NFTA_EXTHDR_LEN]));

if (offset > U8_MAX || len > U8_MAX)
	return -EINVAL;

priv->offset = offset;
priv->len = len;

Fixes for other cases where found and patched.



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