Netdev 1.2 Day III

Last day of Netdev  1.2 in Tokyo, these talks were attended:

Microservice Networking Leveraging VRF on the Host

David Ahern (from Cumulus Networks) presented the network isolation performed by VRF approach between containers in different hosts.

Accelerating Linux IP Virtual Server with OpenNPU

Gilad Ben-Yossef (from Mellanox) presented HW offload for LVS with OpenNPU.

Linux Forwarding Stack Fastpath

Nishit Shah, Jagdish Motwani (from Sophos) presented an interesting approach to gather more throughput from the network interfaces marking forwarding packets with a fastpath mark.

XDP workshop: Introduction, experience, and future development

Tom Herbert (from Facebook) organized the eXpress Data Path workshop that provides a programmable eBPF interface to create firewalls, load balancers and similar devices.

KEYNOTE: The Undiscovered Internet: The Linux Network Stack, The Internet, Self-driving cars, Virtual Reality, and Pokemon Go

Tom Herbert (from Facebook) presented an overview of the near future of the networking challenges like IPv6, stream content parsing, secured connections for everything…

Accelerating container network with channel based IO

Rony Efraim, Or Gerlitz (from Mellanox) presented HW offload to accelerate network containers.

Advanced programmability and recent updates with tc’s cls_bpf

Daniel Borkmann presented the latest changes of tc’s cls_bpf infrastructure.

IPSec Workshop

Steffen Klassert organized the IPSec workshop where the collaborators presented the latest changes, issues to be resolved and differences with kTLS.

Scalable VM and Container Networking using /32bit subnets and BGP routing

Andrew yongjoon Kong (from Kakao) presented the scalable virtual infrastructure that they implemented using BGP routing.

eBPF/XDP hardware offload to SmartNICs

Jakub Kicinski, Nic Viljoen (from Mellanox) presented some HW offload ideas for eBPF and XDP.

Using SR-IOV offload with application like openVswitch

Rony Efraim, Or Gerlitz (from Mellanox) presented HW offload for openVswitch.



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